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If there was one thing I could tell home owners about suspended garages it would be this:  Now is your only chance to do it!  You cannot change your mind and add a suspended garage after the home is built.  I can’t tell you how many homeowners I know who decide not to spend the additional money and then later regret the decision.  If money is an issue, leave the space unfinished and you always have the option of finishing it later.  It BY FAR the least expensive square footage in your home.

  • How could I use the space? I need some ideas.

    I’ve seen it used in nearly every way you can possibly imagine, but your imagination may prove me wrong! Here are some ways other homeowners have finished the space. See our Idea Gallery!
  • I’ve heard it can leak and cause water damage below the garage. Is that true?

    Yes and no. Anywhere there’s water you could have a leak, but in the 1,000+ homes I’ve installed it in, when the contractor follows the waterproofing directions and the owner doesn’t allow large amounts of standing water in the garage, I’ve never seen one leak. Do not spray out your garage with a hose. Remember, there’s finished space beneath it. Even if you have tile in your kitchen which can have water on it, you don’t spray it out with a hose!
  • How much does it cost?

    Most garages are about $8.00 per square foot.
  • Will it take longer to build my house because I included it?

    Installation takes about 4 hours and is usually completed before framing begins.
  • I’ve heard it might actually save me money if I have a sloping lot. Is that true?

    On a sloping lot, a home without a suspended garage needs a tall foundation at the back anyway. Then the entire space beneath the garage gets back-filled with dirt and compacted. This is a costly process. Instead of filling in all that space with dirt, cover it with spandeck and use the space for the same price or less than the cost of hauling in all that dirt!
  • Does it increase the value of my home?

    An appraiser will generally value unfinished square footage at about $30 per square foot which is much more than the cost of adding this space.
  • Is it Safe?

    Engineers have told me it’s the safest place in your house. A 30 x 30 garage is easily capable of holding 63,000 lbs which is the equivalent of about 20 cars or 9 suburbans. You shouldn’t be able to fit 9 suburbans in your 30 x 30 garage – so you should feel very safe!
  • I have an unfinished basement and don’t need more space. Why should I add this as well?

    1. Future re-sale.  More space may make the home more appealing to a future buyer.
    2. One-time opportunity.  You cannot change your mind and add it once the home is built.
    3. Adds value.  Your home will appraise for more than it will cost to install.
    4. You can NEVER have enough storage space.


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