What money-saving tips can I offer my owners?

  • Design your garage in 8’ increments plus an inch or two for some wiggle room.
  • Avoid 45s or other angles. Any shape garage can be accommodated, but for the best pricing, a rectangle is the least expensive.
  • If your garage size does not accommodate full 8’ slabs you can fill in 2’ or less gaps like a porch by shoring up underneath and using rebar. This is generally less expensive than having additional pieces of spandeck custom cut to fill the gap.
  • You can save money by removing non-bearing foundation walls between the garage and house.
  • Spandeck becomes more expensive for spans over 31’ although it can span up to 38’.
  • Spandeck is less expensive per square foot as the garage gets larger.
  • Provide access within 10’ of the center of the foundation for a crane. In doing so, you will avoid additional costs of a larger crane to reach the foundation.